First Nations Land Surveying: How Exton And Dodge Can Help

At Exton and Dodge Land Surveying Inc., we have a long history of working with the people and governments of First Nations when it comes to land surveying. If you're looking for surveyors near and you're either a member of the First Nations or you're living/ building near a protected First Nations area, it's important that you work with surveyors near me who understand the protection laws that apply to First Nations lands.

Over the years, we've worked closely with both the Canadian government and First Nations peoples to develop relationships. We understand the importance of First Nations boundaries, and it's important to us that these boundaries are fiercely protected. When we work on large projects near First Nations boundaries, it's important to us to employ a First Nations community member as an assistant to help guide the process. We know that it's vital to be in close communication with the First Nations community during the survey process to ensure that we provide information to our customers in a way that respects the First Nations boundaries.

We work closely with Canada land surveyors to ensure that the land surveying process is beneficial to the people of the First Nations. We believe that land surveying can provide First Nations people with history and information about the land that can be passed down for generations. If you're building near First Nations land, be sure that the surveyors near me whom you consider for your project are familiar with how your build will affect the people of First Nations. At Exton and Dodge Land Surveying Inc., we'd love to chat with you more about our history working near First Nations land, and the important considerations you'll need to make if you're thinking about building near a First Nations area. Reach out to us today to learn more.