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First Nations

Exton and Dodge has a long history working with First Nations spanning over 120 reserves. We recognize that First Nations have a significant cultural relationship with their claimed lands and have an important role in the decision making processes that affect them.


In recent years, Exton and Dodge Land Surveying has been privileged to perform surveys for:

  • Infrastructure upgrades such as community waterlines and solar farm installations.

  • Large land development projects including multi-lot surveys.

  • Treaty Settlement Surveys requiring boundary creation over sizeable tracts of land.

  • First Nations developing their own land codes under the First Nations Land Management Act.      


The relationship between First Nations and Land Surveyors has evolved significantly since European explorers and settlers first arrived in British Columbia. During the colonization of the province, Land Surveyors employed by the Federal Government would receive survey instructions from the Indian Reserve Commissioner who was tasked with the creation of

British Columbia’s reserves. Once the survey plans were confirmed, the reserve boundaries conveyed what one could or could not do, limiting opportunity and restricting movement. Modern surveys, carried out by Canada Land Surveyors, assist to stimulate

First Nation economies and improve social conditions.


Our Commitment

We believe in fostering relationships with First Nation government and membership. Our aim is to have community involvement and oversight to the utmost possible. For large projects, we employ a community member as an assistant on the survey field crew. Additionally, we hire community-based businesses where available including archaeologists, fallers, equipment rentals, and accommodations. At the start and end of a project, the Canada Land Surveyor will meet with Band staff and members to discuss the survey and final plan. In our opinion, familiarity and comprehension of the survey are beneficial to

First Nation communities; as it serves as a personal and verbal account that can be passed down for generations.


Exton and Dodge has formed long, well-established connections with various First Nation Governments throughout the BC interior. Click the button below to see what First Nations we have surveyed for.

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